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Having a clean and new looking house everyone’s wish. You wouldn’t see anyone wanting an unclean and dirty house that does nothing to increase the aesthetic value of your property.

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Why Clean Your House

Your house is your pride. Most of us invest a huge chunk of your lifetime savings on buying a house. It represents you, so it only makes sense that you will take care of it in the best way possible. At Sugarland Texas Power Washing, we are cleaning your houses, no matter how big or small with effective cleaning technique. Cleaning your houses will increase the longevity of the house since you are removing mold and other harmful accumulation on the surface of the siding. Your house looks brand new. Routine cleaning can save your money on painting your house. Cleaning will bring out the original bright color of your house and there would be no need for painting the house.

Sugarland Texas Power Washing has been cleaning houses for years now. We understand how to safely and effectively clean the outside of your house. If the outside of your house has pvc siding, wooden siding or siding made of compost material, power washing is more than effective in cleaning your house with a regular hose. A regular hose isn’t able to reach the top part of the house, it uses too much water and can cause a dam on the house. With professional power wash, you will save time and money.

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Power Washing Is Safe

Unlike many other cleaning methods, power wash is the safest to clean your house. It will help to remove the durst without the fear of developing mold. The water used is minimal and it doesn’t stand on the surface of the house. It dries quickly and will not rot the wood of the house. People who hose down their house, often face mold, since the amount of water is much higher and it gets into the crevices of the siding, it stays there and starts to rot the outside walls. We have been power washing houses in Sugarland, Texas for more than 10 years now. We understand how to effectively clean your house for it to look perfect. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we can do it for you.

We Are Expert Power Washers

We are highly recommended by our previous customer for being professionals. We do our work with dedication. We are reliable and trustworthy. When we promise you a clean house, we stand on our word. We give importance to quality work and effective cleaning of your house. Commercial and residential properties across Sugarland choose us when they need power washing done. We have the best power washing technology with us. Our equipment is used by professionals who know how to clean any solid surface including your house, siding, windows, and doors. We will prepare your house for painting and make it perfect for the summers.

Why Choose Us

  • We are trained and certified in power washing technique
  • We are bonded and insured.
  • Our prices are reasonable. We work ethically and will never charge you more than what is reasonable.
  • We always show up on time and finish the work within schedule.
  • We are true to our words and do not stray from what we promised.
  • Our workers have high work ethics, they are polite and know how to behave with you. We believe in customer satisfaction and will refund you if you do not see satisfactory cleaning.
  • We are open to suggestions and custom cleaning projects. Let us know your wishes before time.
  • Give us a call today for house cleaning.

We Specialise In Cleaning All Kinds Of Siding

The process of preparation of cleaning each type of siding is different. The cleaning solution to clean the siding will be different depending on what kind of siding you are cleaning. The types of siding we clean include vinyl siding, Aluminium Siding, Fibre Cement Siding, Wood Siding, Stucco siding, Brick and Stone Siding. We always handle the pressure wash in a safe way, so as not to chip off or damage your siding. Our professionals have been power washing houses for ages now. They know how to angle and how long to use the spray at a spot to get the grime and grit away.


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